What Extra Features Can You Get With DIRECTV’s Internet Bundle?

If you’re looking at different Internet providers for your home or office, one of your considerations should be how difficult (or easy) it will be to connect other devices to the Internet service. If your router is in one location, it shouldn’t require a degree in computer science to get your laptop and printer upstairs to work with it. DirectTVInternetReviews.com took a look at the DISH Hopper and Sling to compare it against the GenieGO service with DIRECTV Internet to find out which was the easiest and most reliable to use; it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that GenieGo came out ahead.

Is GenieGo only for HD delivery?

DIRECTV GENIEWhile most people think of the GenieGo device as a means for streaming HDTV broadcasts to multiple devices using the DIRECTV channels, it can do much more than that. If you are streaming movies off the Internet, you can also pass the stream onto other devices in the house as well. One of the things that people have reported liking about the GenieGO versus the DISH Sling is that the setup for it is far more intuitive. This is important because there is more integration between the apps available on the standard DIRECTV service and what will then become available to you with their Internet service as well.

What comes with Internet?

DIRECTV Internet uses both a broadband router and coaxial cable connection, or it can use a satellite antenna depending on what type of service you are receiving from DIRECTV. One thing you do have to check is whether or not your Mac or PC meets technical specifications to run their Internet access programs. With the broadband Internet, the speeds and download capabilities are very high. In fact, many people will prefer streaming movies and even playing games via the access. For gamers, it can offer a better solution that a connection with other providers as the speed and reliability that DIRECTV can offer surpasses what is the industry standard.

What package should you pick?

DIRECTV packagesOne thing that you should consider is bundling your services together when you order your Internet. This will give you more access to discounts and better pricing on all of your communication and media access accounts including phone, cable TV and Internet. You don’t have to bundle them together, but can also order them separate. There are also special business packages that can suit everyone from a small business to a large corporation as well. This can be an ideal solution for corporate phone and Internet services too.

Keeping up with the reviews of the new products and updates

You should also get in the habit of reading the reviews of DIRECTV products, services and upgrades several times a year. As they release new equipment or packages, the overall integration of their products will change slightly. As they move further into providing satellite Internet capabilities, this will become even more important. You also want to keep up with the news on their ever growing list of partner providers. DIRECTV is able to offer so much in so many places because they work with other companies to provide you with the best service. As they add companies to their partner list, your service options will grow as well.